Introducing Jeffery Martin “Jus Sayin”

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Jus Sayin

Introduction . . .

When words were spoken unforgivingly in his home as a child, Jeffery Martin found solace in his pen. At the tender age of ten, Jeffery picked up his pen and began writing to express himself. As time progressed Jeffery’s writing turned from feelings of despair journaled, to inspired thoughts, and eventually to the sharing of his views of the world in which he was living. As the years passed, his words transformed into beautiful poetic expressions.

Jeffery’s pen became his Weapon of Choice.

Martin, a published author of several books has maintained his love for writing and has incorporated writing into his daily life routine. There isn’t a day go by, without a journal entry, a poem, or the sharing of his thoughts about life.

Jus Sayin’ is a collection of blurbs shared on social media. Martin’s thoughts about life opened windows and doors for…

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