Daddy – Author Brenda-Lee Ranta

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19224999_10154453284266021_1524682420800498393_n Photo Credit: Brenda-Lee Ranta


The package arrived,

a photo of you inside;

creased, wrinkled,

but new to my eyes,

I examined every

feature of your perfect,

handsome face, looking

for traces of myself

How I wish I could

recall the sound of

your voice, your

laugh; I wish I could

recall the way you

walked or gestured

with your hands, I

bless what I do recall

Far too handsome to

be common, I look at

your image in awe,

longing to have had

you but a little longer.

I have spent my life

speaking to you  in my

head, looking up at my

bedroom ceiling at night

Would you like me, the

tenor of my voice, the

poetry I write, the way

I raised my children?

Would you be proud

of how hard I worked;

forgive my poor choices,

loved me in spite of them?

Would you have agreed

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