My chapbooks have arrived! Order a signed copy (only 10 available)

Congratulations to Trish Hopkinson!

Trish Hopkinson

There’s just nothing better than opening a box of brand new books, especially ones with your name on the cover! I have a limited number I can sell as signed copies. Currently only 10 are available, so if you’d a copy of Footnote, addressed to you personally and signed, you can order one here while they last:

LIMITED OFFER! Only 10 signed copies currently available.

Once sold out, regular unsigned copies can be purchased here:

Special thanks to Nicole Rollender and Bernard Grant for their kind words in the blurbs below. Rollender and Grant are both incredibly talented writers. Click here for my reviews of Rollender’s Louder Than Everything You Love and Grant’s Puzzle Pieces.

What other poets are saying about Footnote:

“What elegant control and preciseness in Trish Hopkinson’s chapbook, Footnote. These response poems pay homage to the greats—artists, singers, filmmakers and other writers like…

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