Getting to the Bottom of Things

Walking Is Still Honest Press

Three poems
by Patrick Jordan
Seconds Go By
Some days things seem to fit.
Some days things seem to fall apart,
and the fear creeps in.
The frightening idea that
my life is not going as planned.
Not even, as planned.
But awry.
Totally off the rails.
Like nothing is the way it should be.
Or, could be.
And that feeling scares the shit out of me.
It puts me in a state of total confusion.
Total awkwardness.
It leaves me bewildered.
And my mind just turns and turns.
I’m unable to focus on anything.
I’m unable to grasp what it’s all about.
And I just stare.
I stare at the wall.
Everything else is shut out.
Just blankness.
Then it’s gone.
That quick.
Carpe Tenebris
Some say seize the day
I say seize the night
Seize the dark
Seize the darkness
The Dyer

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