Taking Liberties – Author Andrew Scott

Creative Talents Unleashed

A boy cried to himself while being raped,

by a man that was to be a mentor,

memories of a joyful youth being stripped away,

replaced by dark horrors of touch,

witnesses turn their back and ignore,

fear for what may be uncovered,

instead of exposing and protecting the truth,

turning in the taker of children,

all guarded their reputations,

silence of what was right and just,

instead they all took turns contributing,

to the helpless’ shaking nightmares.

Masses pull together to be in one voice,

peacefully singing in an unified chorus,

speeches falling on deaf ears,

surrounded by violent guards of aggression,

armoured rage ready to assault peace,

intimidated until the attack on the defenseless,

pounding away on the ribs of those that care to trust,

even when the inflicted bruising is uncalled,

marching orders of the elected authority above,

to break the spirit of the people who put…

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