Recovery – Author Nolan P. Holloway, Jr.

Creative Talents Unleashed

Guilt floods the psyche

Levees bursting from the pier pressure

Filth stares thru the outer guard pushing upward

through backed-up sewers

Revealing a naked and bruised soul

Sickness like a coat of shame

tattered and torn for all to see

No comfort from the elements

Whose mocking words spews frosty breath


Wandering thru the city full of


Casted away undesirable and worthless

Can redemption ever be found?

Acquaintances have left- succumbed

to the foulness that covers and consumes

Companions converge to converse in negative

conversation and pick thru the scraps of

thoughts that remain

Peering down a dark alley a light


Shaky and unsteady-slapping the darkness away

Recovery steps and stumbles

guided by the will to remain upright

Recapturing not what was lost

But redeeming each moment with promise

Hoping never to succumb to the voices of


Recover and be whole once more

© Nolan P…

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