Featured Writer: Joseph S. Pete

Creative Talents Unleashed

Canids of the Remote Wilderness

The Grey Wolf roams freely at Wolf Park outside Lafayette, Indiana,

Bringing light to visitors who swoon over tiny pups,

And gape over wolves tearing into watermelons

Stuffed with pig ears, sausages, dog treats, all the good stuff.

Compare the joy on children’s faces while

The wolves lick, chew, devour and carry off

Their summery watermelon treats

To the darkness of stereotypical tripe like The Grey,

Like a lachrymose Liam Neeson punching

A majestic creature in the snout.

There’s a darkness to lazy villainization

And an angelic light to nonprofits like Wolf Park

That seek to educate the public.

It can be easy to demonize a predator.

It can be hard to understand the vital role

Such a creature plays in a complex ecosystem.

Places like Wolf Park elucidate

Population control, a natural order and balance.

Beyond the intellectual, they present the ineffable:

Plaintive howling…

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