A Mindless Patter – Author Ken Allan Dronsfield

Creative Talents Unleashed

Chartreuse mountains of clouded fountains

where the purple ship sails horizon bound.

Fitting seas for the gentle solar breezes;

the forgotten found there sleeping sound.

Adrift through your days in a splintered haze;

stolen within the dreams of a mindless patter.

Seeking revenge for life’s unforgiving ways;

enchanting breath bestowed by your master.

The ship steers clean and handles so well,

from beyond a tangerine tempest batters;

off in the distance witness the ringing bell

leaving us stifled, wounded and shattered.

Lashed to the rail, driving a breaching whale

into waterless streams of steamy icy mists.

The mind doesn’t care, or perhaps won’t dare,

to revive and decree the injustice or bliss.

I can’t feel the pain through disheartened disdain;

exploring my path while dishonoring all wrath.

I seek a reprieve to a maddened soulless reign;

a lost purple fantasy or wandering psychopath.

© Ken Allan Dronsfield

Excerpt from the…

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