The Gentle Hills of Pretty Bones – Author Sue Lobo

Another powerful one from Sue Lobo, my fellow CTU author…

Creative Talents Unleashed

10299517_775461302526975_3823030678626299424_n Photo Credit: Lili Saatchi

The Gentle Hills of Pretty Bones

Tell me dear, where is it that your pretty bones do lie?

Underneath yonder hills, beneath God´s breathy sky,

Waltzing in frocks of daffodils with hems of lilac blues,

Dancing toes of dewy lawns, shod in pretty daisy shoes.

Serenaded by cold night winds & kissed by gentle breezes,

Told old tales by the ancient bones, who lie below & freezes,

Warmed by summer´s sunbeams & in dawn caressed by frost,

And deep within the earth´s sod, your history´s name embossed.

Your pretty bones now lying, where once there swam great whales,

Lying beneath these rolling hills, besides the bones of dragon´s tails,

Your grave I cannot find, but in this old land you once called home,

I know that beneath these gentle hills, is where you rest your bones.

Where old echoing ghosts go calling, on the dark autumnal…

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