Featured Writer: Markus Fleischmann

Creative Talents Unleashed

What is erotica; to be provocative?

Isn’t it the art of expression with freedom?

It is to truly share one’s sexual desire with and of another.

It is not just the act of sex, to have pleasure of the flesh, but also to have a connection of soul and mind, to feel the flesh, smell the scent, and taste the sweet salty fruit of passion. It is the exploration of one’s desires, a journey to hidden emotions shared between two people that strengthens trust, leaves a person open and vulnerable to be subject to their partners’ dreams.

It is a connection of two free spirited beings exploring the boundaries of human nature, to cross the bridge many times thought taboo and shameful, to eat forbidden fruit, dip one’s feet into the unknown realm of utter pleasure and excitement.

It is to wish, dream, and fantasize – to reach for that…

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