Bearing Fruit – Author Kristina Neal Mosley

Creative Talents Unleashed

On the knees of Sunday’s hem

To trim away fat and grief

I come, not because of Jesus,

Not because of poverty’s righteous view

Nor because broken window seals -while the dust settles through

Not to be born again, and die of royalties -peculiar few

On the knees of Sunday’s hem

A praying mantis lifts her tentacles in tune

For love’s bearing seed, seated far above earthly cares

To satisfy these wooden bellies, for I have come to witness,

Birds dropping dew, I have come to pray like lovers do,

Yes, I have to come to eat the bread and the wine

I have come to stow away

My mother’s fears, for the sake of time

© Kristina Neal Mosley

Cover Saltwater on My Knees

Excerpt from the book Saltwater on My Knees

kristina-mosley About the Author

Kristina Mosley: An Advocate for Women’s rights. Mother of three children, Holding an B.A in Mental Health, from Wilberforce…

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