Snitch – Howie Good

Sartre Poetry


After a few Guinnesses, I would have preferred to not celebrate. The world didn’t seem real. It was like everyone was just doing Tarantino knockoffs. The next morning there was a ruckus. A lot of people came. I was dumbfounded when they all danced. I often find that when I don’t carry a camera, I see great photographs. Just because we’re immersed in digital technologies doesn’t mean that we’re in touch with them. No one is safe anywhere. Over time, bad things will happen. They always do. We’re always going to be in this position of losing ourselves in crowds. Unless you really want to spark a fist fight, it’s kind of, “Keep it to yourself.” One man’s whistleblower is another man’s snitch. People are so coldhearted. It’s nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters. They’re just another wild animal trying to make a living.

©  Howie Good

Howie Good, a journalism…

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