The Sea – Author Veronica Thornton

Creative Talents Unleashed

I try to see the sea of possibilities

even though some things just seem to escape me

life flagrantly mocking me

while testing my resilient positivity

although like an earthquake it gets a little shaky

I refuse to allow any failures to break me

see the hurdles I had to overcome are different than some

yet compared to none

I see the sea of possibilities

can’t be drained by those ahead or behind me

because the sea I see is just for me

every step I take is another move I must make

until I’m as strong as a thousand ants

carrying tremendous weight

with the possibilities the opportunities I will take

the obstacle course never seems to end

causing me to lose some from the beginning

because they thought it was all about winning

Not really my friend

the trials and tribulations are not for your frustration

but to…

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