July 2017 Recap … Let It Burn … Let It Rise

From Scott Thomas Outlar…


The sand of the seventh month slowly slips away. Don’t grasp too tightly, the cycle was always destined to shift unto August. Unclench your fists and your teeth. Come on, we’ve been playing this same game for ages. Don’t lose your head on me now. Stay cool. We’ll make it through to the other side, I promise. Besides, there’s still one more day left to feast upon. Ravish the hours. Suck them dry. Use some tongue.
On Stage 14
Before the last light flickers out and forever fades away from July, I wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you to all the editors associated with these 23 venues for accepting and/or publishing my poetry, essays, and interviews during the past month. I continue pushing the pace as best I can. But I would be nowhere without your help. The same should certainly be said for those who read and…

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