Emergence – Author Don Beukes

Another excerpt from my debut collection of poetry…

Creative Talents Unleashed

The loss of a dear one

a crippling feeling – You

crawl in the aftermath

ready to fall – Dark

thoughts shroud your

vision, your essence

drowning in a sympathy


Your thoughts swirling

catapulting in a bottomless

abyss – The missing a daily

confessing of unsaid things,

The gems shared love once

used to bring.

Avoid this nowhere road

toxic void – Allow yourself to

hear the flapping of wings

speaking of future bright things –

Take a deep slow breath out of the

clutches of a living death.

Let your nerve endings ignite

once again loving feelings

for those left behind – Read once

again their outpouring of love

and promises of all things kind.

Smell once again familiar

scents in a shared aromatic garden,

Let your fingers dig yet again to

plant poignant memories once again –

Your spiritual healing a necessary

urgency – For your renewed

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