Writer Highlight Featuring Sue Lobo

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kindness-1197351_1920 Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


For kindness, there are no medals awarded,
For kindness, there is no prize ever rewarded,
For kindness, never offered a trophy of fame,
For kindness, nobody needs to know your name.

For kindness is good & never considered a crime,
For kindness does not hurt & it´s not a bad sign,
For kindness is compassion of all heart & soul,
For kindness is what makes every one of us whole.

For kindness, the medals are pinned to the heart,
For kindness, the prize is what sets people apart,
For kindness, fame is shining like a twinkling star,
For kindness, only God, knows who you really are.

© Sue Lobo

Response to our Inspiration Call on August 23, 2017

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