ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes


© Cover art by Luke Borrill


I am happy to announce that my second collection of poetry has been published by Alien Buddha Press and made a reality by Red Fox.

This unique ekphrastic collection is a result of close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK. Most of the poems were exclusively written in response to selected artwork and each artist has at least one artwork published in this book.

I want to thank the following artists who has been part of this unique collection:

Luke Borrill

Casper Dr Vries

Jonel Scholtz

Nanda Soobben

Amitabh Mitra

Shameeg Van Schalkwyk



Price $9.99 from Amazon

2016 Don


About the Author

Don Beukes was born in Athlone in Cape Town, South Africa. He spent his childhood in Elsies River and Belhar and graduated at the University of the Western Cape with a BA Degree in English and Geography in 1992 where he also studied Psychology. He then qualified as a teacher with a Higher Diploma in Education (Post-Graduate) in 1993.

He is a retired teacher of English and Geography and taught for Twenty years in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.

His poetry has been published in numerous literary magazines and journals in the USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, as well as in various anthologies. Some of his poems have also been translated into Albanian by Irsa Ruçi and in Farsi by Soodabeh Saeidnia as well as Afrikaans. He recently collaborated with internationally renowned cartoonist, artist and animator, Nanda Soobben, from Durban in South Africa; as well as Jonel Scholtz, Amitabh Mitra, Shameeg Van Schalkwyk and Vakseen, a Vanity Pop artist based in Los Angeles, USA.

He has been nominated for ‘Best of the Net 2017’ by the editor of Scarlet Leaf Review, Roxana Nastase for his trilogy, ‘Esorfo Ygolirt/Trilogy of Rose’.



Photo Credit © Luke Borrill

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11 thoughts on “ICARUS RISING – VOLUME 1:New Book Release by Don Beukes

  1. That’s awesome good for you man. Perhaps we could team up one day for another piece. I’ve got a new short papi, and it’s called Lizard Guts, come on by and comment. Would be an honor to have the input of an amazing published author. Hope tp

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