Excerpt from ‘Icarus Rising – Volume 1’

The first exclusive excerpt from my Ekphrastic collection published by Alien Buddha Press.

Available at Amazon

The artwork for this poem is actually a self-portrait of the artist responsible for the stunning Cover art for my new book, by Luke Borrill and previously published by Glomag from Chennai, India (Editor – Glory Sasikala)

Photo Credit © Luke Borrill


Emergence – This is not a test signal. If you can hear my
voice and see me then you have survived the nuclear winter
and are now inhabiting the last remaining human settlement
on our ravaged planet. All electronic devices on earth have been
destroyed by targeted EMP attacks, crippling and ceasing all means
of communication for decades. You are but a sample of a species that
once was and for some still are but have now been awoken from
your cryogenic slumber. Do not be alarmed your first reaction
would be to flee but you are not afforded such liberty or notion on
this intergalactic station.

Testimony – I can see your burning fear your insatiable need to
understand why you are here now with me as your unknown
voice of reason and perceived authority – You, now a new minority
hoping to cautiously hesitantly bow down to any authority here, now
in this future era, trying to furiously remember your previous human
slumber, each one of you used to just being a voting number – Yes
I know your questions swirling inside your foggy vaporised memories
locked in days of yesterday, of known enemies with the power to end
you all well now you know it has happened. You understood what
complacency would cost all of mankind and yet here you are, left
behind now existing as a different kind.

Visions of you – The nightmares you now see in your ignited memories
are what you allowed to happen. It came all of a sudden – Blinding
beautiful light multiplying in both hemispheres, fiery mushrooms lit
up the skies whilst acid rain watered the bitter earth as the select few
yes you were destined to be saved and wake up here with me to create
once again a new community, a civil society. We have much to achieve
this is now your elected destiny so if you decide to stay I will guide you
into a new day…

© Don Beukes


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