Core Agenda – Author Scott Thomas Outlar

Creative Talents Unleashed

Brass tacks time –

the only revolution

that has true significance

is the one which first takes place

inside your own psyche.

Shaking your fist

and raging against

the injustices of the world

will not do a lick of good

if your own spirit

is polluted with anger,

angst, apathy, and aggression.

Gandhi was wise with his maxim:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

M.J. wasn’t just whistling Dixie in the wind

when he sang about the man in the mirror.

If the events taking place around you

cause suffering and sorrow,

it’s probably time for an enlightened evolution

brought about by a change of your own perception

to spark the realization that the pain you feel

is a projection of your own psychological core.

If the violence in the Middle East,

the looting by the bankers,

the emerging police state,

the toxic food, air, and…

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