Ghosts ~ Author Sue Lobo

Creative Talents Unleashed

Is it you, I hear whispering on the gentle breeze?

Is it you, I can hear in the cold shivering of trees?

Is it you, pulling around me the ribbons of night?

Soft teasing & tickling my dreams, till dawning of light.

Is it you, caressing & willing the curtains to dance?

Is it you, whom I see in shadows, or merely chance?

Is it you, unseen & tossing the odd coins at my feet?

Is it you, disappearing round corners of every street?

Is it you, whom I feel planting kiss upon my wet cheek?

Is it you, giving me strength when I feel sad & so weak?

Is it you, blowing white feathers across my trod path?

Is it your voice, which I hear in that lost fleeting laugh?

And what about those words I hear in the singing of song?

Is that you serenading me, or could…

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