Under Your Nails – Author Demitri Tyler

Raja's Insight

The elderly couple from China

Collects your cans as you snore

Veggie gardens grow in front yards of California homes

Roosters crow in backyards of un-fostered farms

My Hispanic neighbor has a driveway full with new cars

Under his canopy he tunes what’s broke

Old clothes sell like new

Shopping malls slowly fold

Petty hustlers cling to snaking Bart trains

Selling cd’s, candy, A’s tickets, trinkets, and colored gold

Birds that left the nest return can’t make it on their own

Nature reclaims urban landscapes

More bikes on the road

More tents in the parks

I smell apple pie sold out of apartments on the low

Street meat vendors without a permit

Their lines are long

Garage sales that operate daily like mom & pop stores

Neighbors barter and trade  . . .

Share what the government wont

This is the old way I sense the old

May be the…

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