Introducing Author Sue Lobo “Wild Whisperings”

From my very dear friend Sue Lobo…

Creative Talents Unleashed


Foreword . . .
Have you ever witnessed an animal die or being killed, how about hundreds of animals dying or being killed off in front of your eyes? With each year that passes South Africa’s rhino population decreases due in large part to poachers who slaughter these animals. If the numbers remain steady, it is estimated that by the year 2026 they could possibly become extinct in the wild. Hunted for their Keratin horns as the elephant its ivory tusks, pushed to the brink of extinction, yet they are not alone. The plain truth is that the mistreatment of Animals is a global epidemic. This book “Wild Whisperings” speaks to such topics. The content found within is much more than well-dressed words void of true substance gracing the page as sometimes poetry tends to do. This book of poetry is an invitation, a celebration of life. All walks of…

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