Seasons – Author Maggie Mae

Creative Talents Unleashed

At the end of each season

The ship moored at the coral reef

Of his mother homeland

An island paradise, even with the

Ever smoking volcano at

its center

For three days they will stay

As the moon rose

Over the calm clear waters

The songs that calm the soul

Float across the waves and sand

Even though they have searched year after year

They can never find the angel that sings

This year he decided

They would not even try

Just relax on deck

Letting the moon and song cleanse them

Before going on the final leg home

As time passed by

The sailors all slipped into sleep

The song seeming to grow nearer

He moved slowly towards the sound

And the moons reflection on the smooth ocean

Strangely calm under the clear night

There in the reef

Was a beautiful face just above the water’s surface

Locks of…

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