“The art of paying attention: an interview with Trish Hopkinson” + 2 poems, published in Crooked Teeth

From Trish Hopkinson…

Trish Hopkinson

I had an incredible experience being interviewed by Crooked Teeth‘s editor Andrew Halsig for their second issue Winter in the City. We video conferenced to chat about all kinds of things–Halsig was in London at the time, I was at my home in Utah–we were pretty far apart, but came together to talk about how I got started in poetry, the publication process of my recent chapbook Footnote, and the art of paying attention.

“Hopkinson’s method states that most poetry—if not all—exists within the body. Throughout our lives, we perceive images that words alone cannot express. By using language that appeals to our senses we can bring our experiences to the mind of another. The more visceral our images, the more they can push into the realm of creating a universal human experience.”

Two of my poems were also featured in the issue: “Footnote to a Footnote” and…

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