Binge Of Sorrow – Author Lyne Beringer

Creative Talents Unleashed

 One toke, two tokes,

Plus two more makes it four

I cough up a heartfelt thank you

As I stumble out the door

Sounds of bursting bubbles

That were slain inside the glass

Brought on so much paranoia

I forget to stop for gas

I’m driving down the middle

Of a short but winding road

Begin to really wonder

If I’ll actually make it home

I start to feel a wee bit giddy

Blowing through the last red light

Damn I didn’t realize

It’s the middle of the night

I pull into the driveway

In one unguarded piece

Go in and look for something

That will bring me sweet release

One long pull

And it ain’t no bull

What I say is true

My head is swimming, drowning

In the memory of you

What do I do?

How do I make it stop?

I quickly check my wallet


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