GloMag March 2018 Collaboration with Janine Pickett…

Ekphrastic Collaboration with Janine Pickett, editor of Indiana Voice Journal and Spirit Fire Review.


Sic Transit Gloria Mundi ( Thus passes the glory of the world)
A reminder that all things are fleeting in this world…

Sea of Souls – We are delivered into this natural world to an unknown mortal future,
some following an intended expected planned organized structured streamlined controlled
dogmatic path whilst others are catapulted into an unplanned sudden disrupted unsure
life devoid of guidance support structure and realistic outcomes depending on the
provision of maternal care or even paternal guidance as our lives are ever-changing in
this modern age but we all have the capacity to evolve into our own personal sphere
despite having immeasurable differences in this global village we battle to survive in –
Others more able to access vital and existential human resources in order to stay
afloat in this earthly sea of souls desperately avoiding sinking blinking; ceasing

Echoes from the Deep – However much we try to avoid discovering the void of
humankind we ultimately submit to the enticing detrimental whispers out of unseen
unknown melting shadows luring us further into the deep with appetizing offers to
exist outside of the norm creating our own designed matrix in which we emerge as our
own masters steering our own destinies and blinding ourselves to the flickering signs of
blasphemy as we venture further down the steel streets of preached sin each corner splitting
wider with crooked voices meandering swirling above our heads and murky tributaries
channeling us into stagnant reservoirs where exploding geysers let out accusatory blue hot
steam and water crystals turn into slippery black ice whilst shards of midnight rain pierce our
willing skin but we gladly endure offering our minds just to hear more echoes from the deep.

Flush Vortex – In this mortal race we witness unthinkable acts that shake some to our core
for the actions of this declining human race – For some of us we decide to live as we please
delete as we please annihilate as we please preach as we please maim as we please destroy as
we please cheat as we please lie as we please rebel as we please overthrow as we please steal as
we please murder as we please trample as we please whilst ignoring the existential
desperate pleas of our sisterly and brotherly needs or even unseen sighs we are allowed
to see but around us unseen forces direct us from all corners to what should be obvious
yet our elected blindness allowed them to find us infiltrate us corrupt us change us
not questioning this whilst through all this fake mirage utopian existence we failed to
realize our disintegrating demise – Call it divine or a fluke or rebuke but know this;
Are you ready for the unexpected whispered inevitable sudden flush vortex?

© Don Beukes

Janine Pickett’s nonfiction work has appeared in a variety of print magazines and anthologies, including Country Woman, and Chicken Soup For The Soul Series. Her fiction was nominated forThe Year’s Best Horror and Fantasy #17. Current poetry appears in print anthologies, and various online journals. She recently co-edited a poetry anthology: The Poets of Madison County. Janine is the founding editor and publisher of Indiana Voice Journal and Spirit Fire Review.


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