About the Author: Meet Justin R. Hart

Creative Talents Unleashed

Justin HartAbout the Author

Justin R. Hart

Creative Talents Unleashed is both thrilled and honored to announce the release of The Dawn of Pondering Passions.

As a child, poetry gave Justin Hart his voice. Since then, he developed his style, enveloping traditional symbolism, using nature to relate possibilities deeper than the literal level, offering more than imaginative stories to relay desire, belief, and purpose.

I would describe Justin Hart as a spiritual man,
who accepts all philosophies which will help guide us
to transcend. Aside from being a poet, Justin has been
a photographer, videographer, musician, composer, counselor, and an English teacher. He was an inspiration to his students, yet he humbly states that it was his students who inspired him.

Some of Justin Hart’s early inspirations came from the naturally simplistic, yet symbolic writings of Robert Frost, along with the depth of Khalil Gibran and with the wisdom of the…

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