Featured Writer: Brenda-Lee Ranta

Creative Talents Unleashed


Brenda-Lee Ranta is an author/poet who resides in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. She began writing poetry 52 years ago, a practice she has cherished throughout her life, as a form of journaling, which recorded events throughout her lifetime.

She is a mother of three children, two step children and a grandmother. Brenda-Lee shares her artistic journey with her divine partner, who is also a published poet, lyricist and musician.

She was first published in the Anthology, ‘Imperfect Paths,’ by CTU Publishing Group in 2016, later going on to have two full books of her own poetry published, Myriad of Perceptions, and Allegories – a Thirst for Connection. She has since been included in a further three Anthologies, published by CTU PublishingGroup, of which she was extremely honored. She also worked as the Creative Director on the Anthology, I Have a Name,’ Creative Talents Unleashed

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