Seduction by Markus Fleischmann

Creative Talents Unleashed

He tastes her rhyme

With his sensual mouth

Leaving her dripping

With poetry

He touches her parchment

With his passion

Reads the Braille

Upon her scripted skin

He loves her daytime scent

Makes love to her

Midnight soul

He holds her in

Starlit ecstasy

Gives her twilight release

He tastes her rhyme

Maps out her contours

With his gazing eyes

Made his home

With playful tongue

Between her valley thighs

He listens to her notes

Played of her hearts harp

Enjoys the tranquil hum

Warm like the light of sun

She trembles in erotic spasms

As he explores hidden chasms

Like a hummingbird

Tongue darting

Dew on blooms growing

Nectar in moonlight flowing

He tastes her rhyme

Passionate poetry

Exotic author to be

© Markus Fleischmann


Excerpt from the book “A Tome Of Musings”

$13.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and

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