List of poets whose poems have been accepted for the bilingual anthology, Persian Sugar in English Tea, Vol. III

Super excited to appear with Bevan Boggenpoel in this another award winning translation anthology by the phenomenal Soodabeh Saiednia…


Dear Contributors

Below, you can find the list of poets whose poems have been accepted in the third volume of the anthology. If your name is among them, you should receive the galley proof of your poems and the translation by July 31. Please check your email and reply to the email in 72 hours.

1- Paul Brookes

2- Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

3- Ronald Tumbaga

4- Denis Carrathers

5- Selwyn Milborrow

6- Bevan Boggenpoel

7- Christina Williams

8- Don Beukes

9- Gervanna Stephens

10- Philip Jones

11- Shan Spradlin

12- Donald Krieger

13- Jolynn Juneau

14- Melinda Owen

15- Draevnn Motkova

16- Elizabeth Wolf

17- Susan Kahil

18- Christine Murray

19- Joan Bauer

20- Arlene Weiner

21- Des Mannay

22- Sanjeev Sethi

23- Lynda Tavakoli

24- Barbara Tuney Weiland

25- Catherine Edmunds

26- Adrian Ernesto Cepeda

27- Linda Crate

28- Mahfuz Rahman

29- K. Eltinae

30- Niall Cassidy

31- Karen…

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