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I have been featured, along with the three other poets who made my South African debut a reality, in a new blog series by Vatsala Rahakeesoon based in Mauritius.

The stunning Book cover is by Janine Pickett, Editor of Indiana Voice Journal abd Spirit Fire Review.

Please check it out for details of how to get your own copy. #IPoPP #InPursuitofPoeticPerfection #DonBeukes #SelwynMilborrow #BevanBoggenpoel #LeroyAbrahams #LibboPublishers

Poetry and Creativity

In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection

In pursuit of Poetic Perfection cover


In this unique new Anthology published by Libbo Publishers, four South African poets speak out.  They write about love, loss, victory and experiences of racism and Apartheid in a divided society. They share personal stories and reflections of communities ravaged and captured by crime but also celebrating life and the healing power of being loved and romance.

Born on the African continent, these poets were prepared by Africa and positioned for a purpose in pursuit of poetic perfection. These poets are united to speak from the heart, to give life to their muted voices and hearts to reveal their very essence, once forced to remain silent, dismissed, ridiculed and shoved aside for the colour of their skin and cultural heritage, being from mixed race background, referred to as ‘coloured’ in a South African context.

Their poems tell us to live courageously. The poems in…

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