Icarus Rising #excerpt Book 2

Photo Credit © Luke Borrill


Icarus Rising


Curse of Hubris – However tragic my legendary failure at the
hands of Hubris or my extreme foolish pride even my dangerous
dented overconfidence, I refuse to apologise for challenging the
gods who by royal decree imprisoned me appointing King Minos
my afterlife final angry referee – Who banished my father and I to the
Minotaur’s tomb and our impending doom – Initially hesitant I accepted
this wretched cursed labyrinth designed by my rebellious father, Daedalus.

Metamorphosis – You might wonder why my ancient voice now echoes through
my watery grave cocooned by Poseidon himself and lured deeper into the
azure abyss by the Sirens’ soothing deadly chanting – These treacherous sea
nymphs who for eons captured the souls of sailors also intoxicated my arrogant
falling fading essence – Guiding me away from the bleeding searing sun as my
father’s melting wings of wax banished me to Amphritite’s deadly sweet caress,
She who now owns me – I confess and tell you this, that my fall from grace
resulted in my unforetold welcome metamorphosis – Liberated from my earthly
chrysalis ultimately reborn destined to become my own self-inflicted nemesis.

Emergence – Not even mighty Thalassa could prevent the futile clash between
Aegaeon commanding violent seas and Galene calming it down, such was their
historic vitriol to secure sole control of my accidental liquid hell – Sitting willingly
here, memories of my former self has been erased in this damned toxic godly
race for renewed dominance of a crumbling earthly race once united in a common
existential cause despite their pathetic human flaws – Soothingly caressed by
Amphritite’s hypnotic voice, stripping me of my vain selfish veneer – My darkened
vision will propel my new mission so if you find me abhorrent my appearance foreign
I assure you – I am ready to emerge renewed and ascend once more to the sacred
shore to reign over weakness, foolishness, cowardice, insatiability and instability,
My parched cracked lips might not voice my former innocence but rest assured I
plan to forge my own legacy this is no fantasy – I am the son of Daedalus and
Nafsicrate I fear nothing and command you to fix your shocked startled eyes on my
former demise for I will be your king –
I am Icarus rising…


© Don Beukes



Don Beukes is a bilingual author who was born in Athlone in Cape Town, South Africa. He spent his childhood in Elsies River and Belhar and graduated at the University of the Western Cape with a BA Degree in English and Geography in 1992 where he also studied Psychology. He then qualified as a teacher with a Higher Diploma in Education (Post-Graduate) in 1993.

He is a retired teacher of English and Geography and taught for Twenty years in both South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Don’s debut collection of poetry, ‘The Salamander Chronicles’, was published in December 2016 by Creative Talents Unleashed, dealing with a range of themes such as oppression, bullying, politics, globalism, sexism, abuse, birth, death, refugees, as well as racism, having been born, raised and educated during the last two decades of Apartheid.

His second book ‘Icarus Rising – Volume One’ is a collection of Ekphrastic poetry with most of the poems based on original artwork and close collaboration with artists from South Africa, America and the UK.
His South African debut publication in collaboration with three other prominent SA authors, ‘In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection’ was published in November 2018; an exclusive short collection of poems dealing with his experiences of Apartheid and global themes.
His poetry has been published in numerous literary magazines and journals in the USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines, as well as in various anthologies. Some of his poems have also been translated into Albanian by Irsa Ruçi and in Farsi by Soodabeh Saeidnia as well as Afrikaans. He recently collaborated with internationally renowned cartoonist, artist and animator, Nanda Soobben, from Durban in South Africa; as well as Jonel Scholtz, Amitabh Mitra, Shameeg Van Schalkwyk, Luke Borril and Vakseen, a Vanity Pop artist based in Los Angeles, USA as well as Janine Pickett, artist and editor of Indiana Voice Journal.

He was nominated for ‘Best of the Net 2017’ by the editor of Scarlet Leaf Review(Canada), Roxana Nastase for his trilogy, ‘Esorfo Ygolirt/Trilogy of Rose’ as well as the Pushcart Poetry Prize 2016 (USA) by the same editor.




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