Broken by Don Beukes

Another exclusive Excerpt from my debut collection… posted my my publisher. Thank you Raja Williams😊

Creative Talents Unleashed

Death row – Its echo haunts my crumbling halo cutting through my hopeless interior – Falsely shunned by society’s man-made laws – Caged within these eternal damned doomed doors – My essence flickering fleeting disappearing mammon knocking its minions mocking, taunting neighborly tirade desperately engineered attempting to make me fade – Daily raw rhetoric filtering through beastly brick of apparent initial violence breaking the silence – Persistent poisonous mocking desperate to cripple me – Alas, two decades could not wither me, By all means rewrite your sour soliloquy.

Faith almost broken – Me an uptown lawyer’s token, a perilous unlawful process still unspoken – My youthful former self mistakenly confessed under drugged duress – To a murky murder drunken mayhem, freedom broken society’s  tarnished  teenage token, stripped humanity –

Sentenced to institutional insanity devoid from chosen human contact – Beelzebub signing my final deathly contract – Isolation draining me dehumanizing…

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