Coffee Connection

engela du toit

The brief was straight forward – design a coffee shop for Robertson, a tiny village in the Western Cape. BUT, it must live adjacent to a Postnet Agency, I can’t make any structural changes and the budget is limited.  The client proposed the name Coffee Connection, with a few references of what they like.  I’ve been so involved in fashion retail for a while now, so this was a nice challenge.  Within 2 weeks I had to present my ideas, get a logo going, kick-start social media support and order all the items.

A huge positive was the client’s awareness of branding, a holistic creative approach and the importance of the customer journey.  Connectivity, the ever increasing pleasure threshold and the consumer’s access to everything created interesting creative considerations for this catchment area.

The old spot was looking tired and there was very little to up-cycle or re-cycle. It was a…

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