Review by Sue Lobo of my debut collection ‘The Salamander Chronicles’

Sue Lobo is an award winning talented author who I admire greatly and who has become a dear friend.

Here is her Author page at Creative Talents Unleashed.

Book Review of ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ by Sue Lobo

I adore Don Beukes & the way he sees life & writes about it.

His book ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ is a “must read” book of poetry.

Don´s use of the English language is superb, and putting that together with the depth of his soul, is like putting grit into an oyster shell & producing a pearl.

Don, originally from South Africa and growing up in that extremely cruel era of apartheid, flies high in all he does and with such a positive attitude.

I love this man’s work and I recommend that everyone picks up a copy of this book because we will be hearing much more from this outstanding poet in the future.

Don Beukes is ceaseless in all he does and I believe he is a really good singer too.

Don, having lived most of my life in South Africa, when I dip into your work, it’s like going home because I understand what you are saying and where you are from.

You are a truly talented poet, never stop what you are doing so well.

Don’s book is available from –

© Sue Lobo

– Thank you Sue 😘

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