Sands of Time by Markus Fleischmann

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What is time?

The changing of seasons

The beat of a heart

The bitter end of a perfect start

The birth of a dying soul

Time is but a grain of sand

The essence of warm and cold

The distance dreams travel

The wishing on stars

Time is the blink of an eye

Raindrops falling from cloudy skies

Time is the tick of a clock

It is love found

Heart torn apart

Time is the aging of trees

The buzzing of bees

Time is both dawn and dusk

Time is, has and was but will never be

Time is reason

A measure of young and old

It is a fabric

A friend and foe

It is a word with action

It is a reaction

Time is forward and can’t be bent

Time has a scent

Time is but a grain of sand

© Markus Fleischmann


Excerpt from the book…

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