While I Am Dying by Sue Lobo

Raja's Insight

Promise you will talk to me while I am dying,

Talk of when we were young & we held hands,

Smile on me, soft flowers & sweet summer suns,

Weep me, the happy tears of bright saline stars,

Kiss me moon-beams, upon my frozen lips of ice,

Whilst waxing lyrical, in the last hour of my ebbing,

And as I wane, please sing me songs of Gaelic birds,

So that I may waft gently upon your sweet breath,

To my heaven´s bed of swan´s downy soft feathers,

Please talk to me of these things while I am dying,

For I know, upon your spoken tongue I feel no fear.

© Sue Lobo

Sue Front Cover

Excerpt from the book “The Last Dance”

$15.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

11072433_634509326650147_3807222644669625548_oAbout the Author

Sue Lobo is the author of three books of her experiences in Africa, a poetry book “Africa…

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