A Tree Named Sorrow by Christopher Allen Breidinger

From Creative Talents Unleashed…

Raja's Insight

The stock market is certainly crashing tomorrow.

You better hurry up and pay back that dollar you borrowed.

Money is the root of the evil tree named Sorrow.

Implanted deep into our collective brain marrow.

Association with the meaning of a great life.

Sell yourself, time and power, until the day you die.

And what I’d like to know is, who paid the Earth

For being the source of everything transferred into worth?

Or did she give freely what was needed to sustain?

Did she offer herself to everything, and then the humans became vain?

© Christopher Allen Breidinger


Excerpt from the book “Poet Christopher’s Myths, Methods, and Golden Messages”

$10.95 Plus Shipping ~ Available at CTU Publishing Group and Amazon.com

ChristtopherAbout the Author

Christopher Allen Breidinger is an American poet and author currently residing in Winter Haven, Florida with his wife and daughter. This is the third book in…

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