person Lisa Favicchia, two poems


Lisa Favicchia is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Kansas and is the Assistant Poetry Editor of LandLocked. Her work has appeared in Peregrine Journal, Midwestern Gothic, and Glass: A Journal of Poetry, among others.


Developing Trypophobia as a Result of Defining Trypophobia

There are worse things than burying
hundreds of yourselves in your own back
hoping you will leave yourself

better and un-pocked, gape-holed
and freely accepting water
like a breeze, or like the lotus pod

and its dry, empty rattle
raspy and symptomatic
of respiratory infection

or the bottoms of cookies
bubble-puckered. It’s a cricket
swallowing its young, its own

feet, all the way up
to its head where mandibles try
to mimic a mouth

and you’re surprised it can’t
actually make sound, confused
by something that would seek

to be lip and less alien
when you had tried so…

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