CTU Press Release: Contributors Announcement – Naughty Nuts & Bolts

Raja's Insight

Congratulations to the following contributors whom have been chosen for the literary publication Naughty Nuts & Bolts.

Naughty Nuts & Bolts Contributors:

Bipul Banerjee – Journey

Glenda Higgins – First Date Anxiety

Stuart Kilmartin – Midnight Passion

Branch Isole – Kindred, Imaginary Lover, She said

Raja Williams – Baggage

Luna Love – Illecebrous, Craving, Fuckless Loveless Sexless Sex

Don Kingfisher Campbell – Love Woman from another land, Living Dream, Electricity

Lynn White – Eye contact, Bury me deep

Maggie Mae – A Dance begins, Tell me,  Attention

Angela Bertoli – Chances, Do You Want to Play, Anticipation

Sue Lobo – That Place, The Landscape Of Your Skin

Peter V. Dugan – The Dance, Hello Kitty

Valormore De Plume – Lover’s Ooze, Enchanted

Jill N. Pontiere – Perhaps We Should, Breathless

Heather Hazlett – Fire Kisses Day, Music Box

Paige Turner – Self-Rejection, Beautiful Liar, My Prison

Ken Allan Dronsfield –…

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