Introducing Keith Forsythe “Affection After Affliction”

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Affection After AfflictionPreface

Life is short. I’d know. I have wasted plenty of it. I won’t waste any more. Now, I dive each day into the things I am most passionate about. Second only to my wife is my love of poetry. Turning my imagination loose and allowing the burgeoning creativity to leak glistening ink onto a page is a thrill and a pleasure. It also is a cathartic introspection which allows me to be my best self.

While I write for myself, I know there have been times I have felt alone in my experiences. I hope in sharing these works, I can touch even one life, resonate with even one soul, so that it knows it isn’t alone. I would be honored to share these poem’s that I have enjoyed writing. This collection is a variety of my experiences and feelings. I hope they find a place in your mind…

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