Lightning Rod by Scott Thomas Outlar

By Scott Thomas Outlar…

Creative Talents Unleashed

The garden of the gut –

flora and fauna,

lush as a jungle,

seeking perfect homeostasis

at all times

as nutrients are absorbed

and toxins are flushed

out of the central hub

to constantly create

the organic system anew

as a holy temple

where consciousness

beyond the pale

can be divined

from the source

and flooded

through the synapses of the mind

which acts as an antenna

by tuning in to vibrations

of electricity

and energies that pulse

from dimensions

which have yet to be

fully understood

by the incomplete theories

of modern science.

There is more happening here

than can be seen or heard.

There is a truth that burns

far hotter than any gadget can measure.

There are answers found within the soul

which cannot be discovered through simple observation.

There is a love which resonates at such a high frequency

that only a pure and open heart…

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