Impoverished by Billy Charles Root

Raja's Insight

Poverty oh poverty why doest thou oh bother me

Is it the color of my skin that you seek?

Or the language of my land in which I speak

Maybe the salt from the tears that I weep

Three jobs I work and my mate ran away

It takes all I’ve got to put some food on a plate

Social services says I make too much for help

Meanwhile nothin but beans on a fallen down shelve

I’m beggin for scraps off richly fat tables

They count their money’s in my face

And as they laugh jollifully their bellies unstable

I can’t help but wonder, is my life a waste?

It’s like wearing cement shoes walkin round hungry

Workin to pay tax on help I can’t get

Special needs minimum wage so damn ugly

While I avoid the landlord, I owe two months’ rent

With nothing left they took the…

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