The Imposter – Collaboration

Raja's Insight

It gives … temporarily

It lifts… briefly

It speaks a lie

As though it were true

It beguiles you

It transforms you

But when the lie meets the light

You are naked

Unarmed … unprepared

For the avalanche of truth

That will bury you

Your reflection isn’t a pillar of strength

It’s just a pillar of salt melting in the rain

Ask yourself what is really real

Do you believe in that fake mask?

Hiding behind impenetrable scars …

It will only carve your insides out

Make you a charlatan

At the mercy of other weaker phonies

Who wants nothing more than to break you?

Don’t be self-hoaxed self-loathing

Don’t be putty in their evil hands

Mirror, mirror on the wall I hate you

But I remember how you made me your pawn

And somehow, I drown in your depths

Only to survive and smash you

Mirror, mirror on the…

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