March Featured Blogger: Robbie Cheadle

Art by Rob Goldstein

I’m delighted to have Robbie Cheadle as Featured Blogger this month on Art by Rob Goldstein.

Robbie writes poetry and prose and she makes exquisite art with edible icing.

Fondant Art

What is fondant and what is fondant art?

Fondant is also called sugar dough or plastic icing. It is a pliable edible icing that has a consistency a lot like play dough. It is perfect to make all sorts of edible decorations for cakes.

To me, fondant art is the use of fondant to sculpture beautiful or interesting or just plain fun flowers, figurines and other items for use as toppers on cakes. I am self-taught as my interest in fondant art developed after my children were born and I never had the time to attend a fondant art course. There are some wonderful books on fondant art available from Amazon and I used these to learn how to…

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