Showcase Spotlight #13: Kushal Poddar


Kushal Poddar 5

Scott Thomas Outlar: Thank you for taking the time to appear here at 17Numa, Kushal. Firstly, please talk a bit about your most recent collection, Eternity Restoration Project: New and Selected Poems.

Kushal Poddar: It is a pleasure to appear at 17Numa.

The collection selects glimpses of my mind browsing through my life. Had poetry ever been a career it is the curriculum vitae at the midlife of it. I perceived the book when I had enough with my own existence and was tired with so called friends and foes, not to mention with my nonexistent love life. My wife Pradnya came and I wanted to make it special by a book, not of love poems but of the poems I used to write and that I shall be writing. The poems deal with the dark shadows I traversed and the ray I found in love, lost it and…

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