Author Tammy S. Thomas – You Can Not Take Her Down

Creative Talents Unleashed

Look into her eyes, the windows of her soul.

Hidden story untold…

She uses her pain for strength

To block out the world that is so cold.

The tears you see wash away the fear of darkness.

She cannot find herself to be like them,

Thoughtless and heartless.

She puts on a smile with her head held high.

They sit there with the look of wonder,

How she could survive their thunder.

Because GOD got her covered!

© Tammy S. Thomas


Except from the book “Emotional Soul of a Poetess”

picsart_02-11-10-32-52 About the Author

You will never know unless you try. Those are the words that Tammy lives by. Born into a military family, she takes the motto “Be all you can be”, to another level. Tammy was inspired to write poetry at the age of fifteen through dealing with life’s experiences.

Her soulful style of poetry is catching like…

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