An exclusive excerpt of one of two poems of mine in the debut Anthology of Concrete Mist Press


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The Taste of Dust

Toxic Whispers – Dagger smiles hiding snide bitter twisted jealous secret remarks whispered in secret corners behind cement doors on infected floors hiding the stench of rotten fermenting souls not meant to roam this earth with those who have the capacity to care support uplift and inspire the forgotten the dismissed the trodden the rejects the shadow walkers – Hiding from mean sickening soul eaters whose intents is to destroy maim and cripple in an ever spiralling chaotic world, bowing down to their elected piercing destructive defective swords – Shooting repetitive salvos of toxic whispers hoping to disintegrate even annihilate until you involuntarily choke on the taste of dust –

Stinging Echoes – Just as you thought your formative brittle years of discovery and exploration of the meaning of life itself was coming to fruition, the next stages of your existence saw the introduction of new burning voices seeking out sincere genuine hearts to torment target and terrorize until their burning tears submitted to searing stinging echoes of hidden vulnerabilities yearning to exist amongst the living, to be accepted for their peculiar hidden weirdness masked wickedness to compensate for their obvious elected non-existence as they yearn for you to share the taste of dust…

Piercing Embers – Your protective emotive necessary shield cocooning you from continuing piercing ambers from lost earthly demons can only last for so long before disintegrating into a porous penetrative welcome depleted membrane to allow lava burning mocking verbal fallout to enter your very being freely with all barriers down letting in unwelcome entities poking through your disintegrating core as it delivers piercing embers, leaving only the taste of burning dust as you frantically seek an escape from this lingering spiralling nightmare, falling into the dark cavity of nowhere –

Demon Alley – Nightly dream sequences catapult you into an unfamiliar demon alley chaotic madness recognizing your daily tormentors revealing their true identities, poking you incessantly as you drag yourself along their chosen playground in the darkest corners of demon avenue where they snigger and sneer to penetrate your vanishing veneer whilst licking off dust from rotten moss

Earth Crawl – Clawing your way through sour earth just in a last attempt to escape sure annihilation from hellish domination leaves a welcome taste of dust ensuring at last an existential emergence…

© Don Beukes

Who is Don Beukes?

Don Beukes is a South African and British writer. He is the author of ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ (CTU) and ‘Icarus Rising-Volume 1’ (ABP), an ekphrastic collection. He taught English and Geography in both South Africa and the UK. His poetry has been anthologized in numerous collections and translated into Afrikaans, Persian, French and Albanian. He was nominated by Roxana Nastase, editor of Scarlet Leaf Review for the ‘Best of the Net’ in 2017 as well as the Pushcart Poetry Prize (USA) in 2016. He was published in his first SA Anthology ‘In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection’ in 2018 (Libbo Publishers) and his second ‘Cape Sounds’ in 2019 (Gavin Joachims Publishing). He is also an amateur photographer and his debut Photographic publication appeared in Spirit Fire Review in June 2019. His new book, ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’/Thus Passes the Glory of this World’ is due to be published by Concrete Mist Press.

Don Beukes es un escritor sudafricano y británico. Es el autor de ‘The Salamander Chronicles’ (CTU) y ‘Icarus Rising-Volume 1’ (ABP), una colección de ekphrastic. Él enseñó inglés y geografía en Sudáfrica y el Reino Unido. Su poesía ha sido antologizada en numerosas colecciones y traducida al persa, francés y albanés. Fue nominado por Roxana Nastase, editora de Scarlet Leaf Review por “Best of the Net” en 2017, así como por el Premio Pushcart Poetry en 2016. Fue publicado en su primera Antología de SA “En busca de la perfección poética” en 2018 ( Editores Libbo) y su segundo ‘suena de cabo’ en 2019 (Gavin Joachims Publishing). También es un fotógrafo aficionado y su publicación fotográfica debut apareció en Spirit Fire Review en junio de 2019.

Poète / Écrivain sud-africain et britannique, Don Beukes est l’auteur de Salamander Chronicles (CTU) et Icarus Rising Volume 1 (ABP), un recueil de poèmes ekphrastique.Il a enseigné l’anglais et la géographie en Afrique du Sud et au Royaume Uni. Ses poèmes ont été publiés dans plusieurs anthologies et traduits en afrikaans, persan, français et albanais. Il a été nominé pour le Best of the Net en 2017 et pour le prix Pushcart 2016 (USA) par Roxana Nastase, l’éditrice de Scarlet Leaf Review. La première anthologie sud- africaine figurant sa poésie fut In Pursuit of Poetic Perfection (Editions Libbo) en 2018 et la deuxième, Cape Sounds (Gavin Joachims Publishings) en 2019. Il est aussi photographe amateur et ses photos ont été publiées dans le Spirit Fire Review en juin 2019.

Who is Heath Brougher?

Heath Brougher is Editor in Chief of Concrete Mist Press as well as Poetry Editor for Into the Void Magazine, winner of the 2017 and 2018 Saboteur Awards for Best Magazine. He received the 2018 Poet of the Year Award from Taj Mahal Review and is a multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee. His most recent collections are “Change Your Mind” (Alien Buddha Press, 2019) and “Bleeding Backwards” (Diaphanous Press, 2019).

Who is Josh Compton?

He is the new Managing Editor for Concrete Mist Press and sure to become an integral part of CMP.