Le spirito del foreste–The Spirit of the Forest

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Le spirito del foreste

Le spirito del foreste parla ad me re amor,
que tu sape tan multo. Non habe timor,
hic es non altere quam me e animales.
Io ha suspirate a te mal.
Dice me, es illo ver,
que omne tempore,
quando un arbore
cade a basso
un de tu
dole me
de illo e preca
que le homines
non reduce omne
truncos ab le tu silva.
© Yelling Rosa
7/3 –20


The Spirit of the Forest

The spirit of the forest, please tell me about love
That you know so well. Don’t be afraid,
It is only me with the animals.
I have been longing for you.
Disclose me, is that true,
That every time
When a tree
falls down
One of you
I am
Sorry about that.
I pray humans
Won’t cut down
All the trunks
From your
© Yelling…

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