Welcome to a special ekphrastic challenge for May. Artworks from Mary Frances, James Knight and Sue Harpham will be the inspiration for writers, Alex Mazey, Ankh Spice, Samantha Terrell, Dai Fry, Carrie Ann Golden, sonja benskin mesher, Rich Follett, Don Beukes, Elizabeth Moura, Yvonne Marjot and myself. May 27th.

Day 27: Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge curated by Paul Brookes-Writer Photographer in Collaboration with select artists and writers: My poem with Audio, ‘Twisted Gemini’

The Wombwell Rainbow

27MF 27Sue Day 7Reflection

The mirror of my soul
I dare not look
But she stares up at me
With eyes of

-Carrie Anne Golden

Gold versus Silver

We argued aesthetics that whole year –
you with gold-dust in your corner, me mooning

over silver. The sighs that left your lips
whenever the lecturer mentioned Zoia

substantiated spangled curls– your gaudy Fibonaccis.
Your opinions sprung the air for days. Austerity

they’d tinkle over my preference for Saint Petersburg
in winter, all lunar-and-pale-blue. Second place.

And I only smiled gibbous, because the game
was to remain the ghost, to haunt your gilt. We’re so needy

of the wind-up, when there’s tension that can never spring.
So when you went and split, three days before

that long-awaited trip, I thought you’d simply
struck it rich, embraced the god I knew you were. Ripe-

sprouting corn or wheat somewhere, or suffocating for your art

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